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DETOX – Wrath of the toxins.

Living beings, in their actual condition, find themselves threatened by numerous substances harmful to health.

toxin is any chemical substance, whether of natural or artificial origin, able to produce harmful health effects. An expression used in modern scientific literature, “free radicals” are also toxins.


Toxins that contaminate the body can originate inside the body (endogenous toxins) or from the outside (exogenous).

Internal Pollution

During their normal functioning, our bodies produce a series of chemicals substances that must be eliminated through breathed air, urine or stools. If these toxins are adequately eliminated, they do not affect an individual’s good health condition.

Uric acid, creatinine, and free radicals produced under stressful situations are some of the most known internal toxins or endotoxins. The production of endogenic toxins greatly increases in the following cases.

1.      Intestinal self-poisoning: Principally occurs in people who consume meat and suffer from constipation. The intestines of carnivorous animals are shorter than those in herbivores to reduce internal stool retention, among other things, and thereby avoid putrefaction. The meat residues that remain in the intestine produces numerous toxins, and constipation facilitates their passing into the blood.

Headaches, eczema, allergy, arthritis, and other disorders disappear or are alleviated upon changing one`s diet and normalizing intestinal transit.

Intestinal Self-poisoning: The association between a meat-based diet and constipation generates a production of various toxins in retained stools, which enter the blood and can be harmful to health. A detox cure accompanied by a consumption of flaxseed or chia seeds, oatmeal, and aloe gel is a good remedy against self-poisoning.

2.        Low urine production: When kidney function is not optimal, even before it is medically detected, an increase of toxins in the blood is produced. The waste substances that must be discharged through urine by the kidneys are very strong poisons. Keep in mind that just 3 days without urine production are sufficient to cause death by self-poisoning.

3.       Infection or inflammation: In some area of the body; the infection causing germs, as well as, the cells affected by inflammation produce a great variety of toxins that enter the blood the blood thereby affecting the entire body. The Detox Cure promotes the elimination of these toxins.

4.        Deficient foods are abundant in commercial products and additives, and poor in antioxidants. Fruits, vegetables and grains are the principle source of antioxidants to our bodies to our bodies. Among other function, antioxidants contribute to neutralization and elimination of free radicals and other toxins.

External Pollution

Until ow human beings had not come into contact with as many chemical products artificial and foreign to our bodies. Many of a toxic nature.

The majority of external pollutants are created in industrial processes or in combustion engines. Their concentration is greater in large urban areas on the planet. These are some of the most abundant toxins of external origin.

Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium, which primarily accumulate in the brain, liver and in the bones. Polluted air, drinking water and some foods like fish, are the most common sources of heavy metals.

Persistent organic pollutants (PoP`s) are known by this name because their environmental degradation is very slow and tend to accumulate in the body. The majority of PoP`s are found in in the industry, in household cleaning products and in agrochemicals.

Drugs obtained through chemical synthesis. While it cannot be said that chemical drugs are toxins in the strict sense of the word, they indeed act as such, since they are foreign substances that the body must eliminate and frequently cause undesirable or side effects.

Additives in foods of a chemical nature including artificial sweeteners, synthetic colorants, flavor enhancers such as glutamate, and preservatives in sausage and other processed meats such as nitrates.

Psychoactive drugs such as tobacco, alcohol and many others.

Concentration of Toxins: A greater concentration of toxins exists in industrial zones and large cities, whether in the air, in water, or in the foods produced in those areas or in the environment in general.

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