Mouth Sores: Causes, Symptoms & Natural Remedies.

Mouth Sores

Ulcers are produced after a few days of fever. They occur inside the lips (underlips) or the mouth.

Symptoms of mouth sores

A swelling with blisters. If these little swellings burst, a little liquid comes out and forms an ulcer or scab inside the lips or mouth and it may hurt.

Causes of mouth sores

The most common causes of mouth sores are viral infections of benign herpes type. Mouth sores disappear after 8 or 15 days. Furthermore, blisters are also formed because of fever caused by an infection.

Suggested treatment

A quick home remedy is to rinse your mouth with Aloe Vera extract several times a day. Additionally, you can use Jojoba ointment for lips.

Suggested Supplements

  1. Aloe Vera (anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, pain inhibitor, cell generator) Buy HERE
  2. Beta carotene (180mg to 360mg) Buy HERE
  3. Garlic Oil Capsule (anti-inflammatory, antibiotic) Buy HERE
Woman with mouth wide open. (Pexels.com)