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How To Use Green World Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer. (Call 0712703878 for inquiries)

Soil infertility is a major problem with our African soils. Ideally, most farmers suffer low yields every season due to “exhausted soils”. It is high time we talked about how to replenish our soils using organic fertilizers to replenish its lost nutrients and fertility.

Why nutriplant organic fertilizer?

Furthermore, there are many advantages to using nutriplant organic fertilizers. That’s why we, at Greenliving Plus, use them as often as we can. Yes, we are totally sold on this product. We prefer it to many others in the market today. However, there are some demerits too.

Furthermore, in this article, we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of using organic fertilizers so you are aware of the reasons why we may occasionally opt to use a synthetic fertilizer.

Merits of using organic fertilizers

  1. They’re all natural.
  2. Prevents over-fertilization.
  3. Balances the soil ecosystem.
  4. Boosts plant health naturally.
  5. Delivers nutrients in a slow but sustainable rate.
  6. The process of decomposition requires no chemical intervention.
  7. Organic fertilizers don’t upset the balance in the soil because they don’t leave behind any artificial compounds.

Precautions of using organic fertilizers

The precautions include the following;

  1. Organic fertilizer takes some time to break down and so releases nutrients slowly. This does not help in the quick recovery of crops.
  2. It is bulky. Nutrient levels in organic fertilizers are relatively low and so requires relatively large quantities to reach plants requirements. (nutriplant organic plus fertilizer is actually water soluble hence exempts from this disadvantage)
  3. Microorganisms require warm and moist conditions to break down release nutrients. During the dry and cold seasons, the activity of microorganisms substantially reduces and so the effectiveness of fertilizer is limited

Toxicity Statement:

This product is non toxic to human, animal & environment. It is made up of all natural ingredients and is biodegradable.

Dosage: Application Rate:

Nutriplant organic plus fertilizer -1 litre(1000 ml) is an organic fertilizer that renews your soil, boosts soil nutrients and increases yield. It covers more than 7 acres of land as the fertilizer is water soluble.

As a matter of fact, a 20 ml bottle top is diluted with 20 litre of water pump. Nutriplant organic plus fertilizer mode of application is through spraying early mornings and late evenings.

Interestingly, retention of flower and fruits highly improves resulting in higher yield with quality produce.  compatible with all kinds of agri inputs. It can be used on all crops including cereals, legumes and vegetables.

1 litres covers more than 7 acres of land.

Storage & handling :

✔️Keep out of reach of children

✔️Store in dry cool place under normal temperatures For agricultural use only;

Shelf life:

3 years from the date of manufacturing

N:B: Spray after transplanting once to help them grow healthier and faster and prevent diseases.

How to apply nutriplant fertilizer for various crops.

✔️Coffee -spray every 7-10 days.. (10 ml -15 ml of fertilizer in 20 litres of water).
✔️Maize -2 pre and 2 post flowering at intervals of 10-15 days (20 ml of fertilizer in 20 litres of water).
✔️Beans-2 pre and 2 post flowering at intervals of 10-15 days (20 ml of fertilizer in 20 litres of water).

✔️Tomatoes -2 pre and 2 post flowering at intervals of 10-15 days (20 ml of fertilizer in 20 litres of water).
✔️Vegetables and flowers -spray every 7-10 days. (10 ml of fertilizer in 20 litres of water).
✔️Rice -spray for the first time when sowing rice seeds or after transplanting rice seedlings -spray for the second time when the seedlings are 1 month old-spray for the second time when the seedlings are 2 months old.. -spray for the last time when producing ears of the rice

✔️Seeds coating -soaking for 8 -10 hours. (10 ml of fertilizer in 10 litres of water other farm products).

✔️Spray every 7-10 days.. (10 ml -15 ml of fertilizer in 20 litres of water).

Understandably, If you are willing to be patient, it’s best to go with an organic fertilizer. It helps rebuild your soil so that it’s at its healthiest. It may take longer to get the end results you want, but they will be well worth it in the end.

How to get yours TODAY.

Finally, If you have questions about nutriplant organic fertilizers, comment below or email us at

Alternatively, give us a call/sms/whatsapp Naomi at 0791364050 or 0100786925 or 0712703878 visit our shop and make your order HERE . Orders delivery is in 2 days maximum.


We look forward to hearing from you. Join our whatsapp group by clicking HERE “Organic Farmers Kenya” for FREE trainings, updates and tips on how maintain organic farming lifestyle.


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