Green World A-Power Capsule 360mg X 60caps

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Key Features

  1. People who have immunodeficiency, acquired conditions such as HIV/AIDS, or the use of immunosuppression medication.
  2. People with immune disorders such as autoimmune diseases and inflammatory diseases.
  3. People with various types of cancer.

360mg X 60caps

1-2 capsules each time, 1-2 times in a day

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A-Power capsule with its richly formulated natural herbal ingredients can greatly boost immunity, detect tumor cells, as well as improve general well-being of people who have HIV/AIDS.


  • 1. Fructus Hippophae
  • 2. Ganoderma
  • 3. Folium Camellia Extractum
  • 4. Herba Anoectochilus
  • 5. Radix Ginseng


Characteristics and Benefits:

1.      Boosts immunity through improving both humoral and cellular immune systems.

2.      Prevents and assists the treatment of cancer when used in combination with anti-cancer medication.

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