Green World Blueberry Super Nutrition 300g x 1tin

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Key Features:

  1. Cleanses toxins in the body and acts as an anti cancer.
  2. Reduce eye strain from prolonged work;
  3. Protect cells and DNA from being damaged
  4. Normalizes blood circulation, improves blood flow to the brain;
  5. Stimulates and improves the properties of blood;
  6. Reduces the level of sugar in blood;
  7. It can increase the density of bones and prevents bone fracture.

How to use: 1-2 times a day, each time 10gram.
Dissolve with 40ml-60 ml cold water or fruit juice.  You also use lukewarm water (below 40 degrees), mixed in milk, porridge or other foods.

20g/bag; 300g per Can

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Blueberry Super Nutrition (Powder Form)
Green World Blueberry Super nutrition activates the immune system, increasing the durability of the body. It can provide rich and balanced nutrition and enhances immunity

Green World Blueberry Super nutrition can activate the immune system by way of fixing the damaged cells and prolong the life of cells in the body, keeping the performance of normal cells and the metabolism, improve tissue regeneration;

  1. People demanding supplemental and balanced nutrition.
  2. People with cardiovascular problems myocardial infarction, heart conditions less blood, angina, blockage of the heart muscle.
  3. Patients with hypertension, high blood fat levels and high blood sugar.
  4. People with fatty liver, gallstone and the excess fat. High life stress, frequent headaches, stress, always sleepy, weakened memory, easily tired and people with poor conditions of health.

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