Green World Ganoderma Coffee 15×12 sacs

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Key Features

  1. Sweet, smooth and natural taste.
  2. Dissolves quickly and evenly. It also can be absorbed quickly.
  3. Coffee is dried at low temperature, which preserves the activity of active constituent.
  4. Low caffeine content.
  5. No preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors.

Ganoderma is smashed into fine particles by Ultramicro Nano Smashing Technology, which is easy to release active constituent.

15g * 12 sachets

20 in stock

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Ganoderma is a traditional Chinese precious plant.

It is with the most significant effect in all kinds of Ganoderma is specially added in Green World Ganoderma Coffee, which can significantly enhance immunity, regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure, assist in the chemo-radiotherapy of tumour, and protect liver.

Refresh Brain and Make You Full of Energy

Coffee can refresh brain everlastingly, release the inner energy of the body thoroughly, relieve fatigue significantly, enhance cardiac function, lose weight, and make you full of energy!

Pure Flavor and Silky Taste

Ganoderma Coffee is made by selecting good Malaysian coffee beans through multiple strict processes, which ensures the pure flavor of the coffee and makes it full-bodied and taste silky.

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