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WEIGHT LOSS CURE – Types Of Beverages To Use & To Avoid.

Most juices and drinks help to lose weight, but these stand out because of their properties

Substituting any solid meal with a healthy beverage already benefits weight loss. Yet, a weight-reducing effect is more noticeable when specific beverages are drunk, which stand out due to their satiating properties: fat burning (thermogenic), purifying, or diuretic.


Satiating beverages are those that upon being consumed trigger a feeling of satiety in the stomach, thereby reducing the desire to consume more food.

Examples of satiating beverages

1. Chia water

2. Orange juice with baobab

3. All things fiber


These are drinks that promote the production of body heat (thermogenic) and as a result the burning of deposits. These are some of them:

  1. Grape juice
  2. Cashew apple
  3. Caigua juice
  4. Rooibos tea or red tea
  5. Hibiscus tea
  6. Coconut oil


These are beverages that cause a greater volume of liquid to be urinated than has been consumed, which in itself results in a loss of bodily liquids and therefore, weight loss.

Food that contain high amounts of water include: celery, watermelon, asparagus, or parsley, and therefore have a diuretic effect.


These are beverages that promote the elimination of toxins and waste substances through the kidneys, which contribute to speeding up metabolism and losing weight.

All fruits and vegetables are purifying, but especially the majority of drinks containing carrots, celery, lemon, cucumber, spinach, fennel or pineapple.


1. Beverages with added refined sugar or artificial sweeteners such as sodas and soft drinks: Refined or white sugar provides “empty calories”, that is energy without vitamins, minerals, fiber, or antioxidants. These “empty calories” easily convert into fat deposits. On the other hand, artificial sweeteners do not supply calories but they increase appetite.

2. Any type of alcoholic beverages: Alcohol contributes calories to a diet, about seven per each gram, a bit less than fats (nine calories per gram). Just one glass of wine or a pitcher of beer has close to 200 calories. In addition, alcohol alters liver function thereby hindering the elimination of toxins and residues, which promotes obesity.

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